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Paloma is a very special eleven year old! Paloma's smile could light up the darkest room, she is an excellent student, and is the owner of a very positive attitude. She loves Tinker Bell, the color pink, shopping & movies, but especially Tinker Bell. When the nurses at Phoenix Children's Hospital asked Paloma why she loves Tink so much, she said that Paloma means dove in Spanish so maybe she loves Tinker Bell because of the way she flies around the world!

In October 2006, Paloma was diagnosed with Osteo Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. Unfortunately, her cancer did not respond to treatment, and Paloma's right arm had to be amputated. She recently finished her chemotherapy, and was able to return to school this fall. To learn more about Paloma's journey, visit her site at Caring Bridge,

Room for Joy redecorated Paloma's room in a Tinker Bell inspired forest theme, complete with details straight out of Peter Pan!

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