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Elisabeth and Caroline are seven-year old identical twins who love arts and crafts, jump rope and books. It is almost impossible to tell the girls apart, but there is one difference between the girls you can't see. Elisabeth was born with a serious heart defect and has had several operations as a result. Because her condition makes playing outside difficult when the weather is hot, the Room for Joy volunteers transformed the family's garage into a fairyland playroom for both girls.

Adrian's Room

14-09-06 17:08
Adrian is a seven year old honor student who loves video games and Spiderman. Our volunteer team worked together to create a bedroom for Adrian that reflected his interests, including a cityscape surrounding his room with Spiderman leaping from one of the buildings while spraying a giant web across the ceiling. Adrian is in a wheelchair because of a spinal injury, so another goal of our team was to make his room wheelchair accessible. Our carpenter team built a bed that would be easy for him to use and a desk that he could wheel right up to.

Kayla's Room

25-06-06 17:02
Kayla's room was made over during the weekend of June 23. Kayla is 8 years old and has Juvenile Dermatomyositis, an auto-immune disease. Kayla is currently recovering from compression fractures of the spine because of fragile bones and respiratory problems. Kayla loves to watch HGTV, and is very creative herself; she is a talented painter, plays the piano and is learning to crochet. Kayla had some great ideas for her room, and the Room for Joy volunteers had a lot of fun making her ideas and dreams come to life!

In fact, we couldn't fit everything in one Room for Joy did TWO rooms for Kayla! Enjoy!

Sharon's Room

26-03-06 15:57
April showers may bring May flowers....but the month of March gave Room for Joy the privilege of bringing some springtime flower power to ten year old Sharon's bedroom. Sharon is hospitalized several times a year because of chronic pacreatitis, and our goal was to give her a room that was sunshine bright to help keep her spirits up, and to give her a special place to spend time with her friends when she can't go outside.

After seeing her room for the first time, Sharon and her family kept saying thank you...but the Room for Joy volunteer team says, with all, thank you. Thank you to Sharon and her family for allowing us to share in their lives.

Max's Room

28-08-05 08:09
Max is an energetic six year old with a joyous zest for life. He likes jets, but he loves, absolutely loves the New York Yankees! So naturally, Room for Joy turned Max's room into a New York Yankees haven that any fan would love to spend time in! Max has undergone more than thirty surgeries, several of which were open heart surgeries in his six years, and continues to deal with a complicated medical history.

Max's room was sponsored by the children of Central Christian Church of the East Valley. The kids raised money for Max's room while watching a series of videos about Max and his room. On the weekend of his room makeover, the kids sent Max Valentines and posters to let him know how much they love him.

The family had to sell most of their furniture due to medical bills. The kids at Central raised enough money to not only do Max's room, but also to buy a bedroom suite for his parents and a set of living room furniture. WOW! The KIDS at CENTRAL CHRISTIAN MADE A DIFFERENCE. THANKS

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