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17-06-09 18:04

Rainni's Room

21-05-09 11:53
10 year old Rainni, who suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, loves butterflies. She wanted butterflies everywhere in her room so our design team built a room that gives the feeling of standing inside a gazebo, looking out at the blue sky and the butterflies taking flight! Our master carpenters, once again, raised the bar with the custom butterfly bed complete with cubbies and drawers. From the hand painted table and chairs set to the blue sky and grass, our artists and muralists blessed another child. We hope Rainni enjoys her new room.

Audrey's Room

07-04-09 14:56
Audrey is a soft spoken, articulate 15 year old who loves vintage furniture, pastels and reading. She has a medical condition called Ehlers-Danlos, which, among other symptoms, causes joint pain and muscle weakness. She is very studious and has a passion for medical science. Audrey dreams of being a doctor someday.
To accommodate Audrey

Trevor's Room

15-03-09 00:00
Four year old Trevor is a bundle of energy and smiles! He brightens the room just by being in it. Trevor has ALL, a form of leukemia, as well as Down Syndrome.

He loves jigsaw puzzles, discovering how things work and Disney.

Trevor's room was transformed into a car garage straight out of the Disney Cars movie. Included in his room was a toolchest for a dresser and the character Mater for a desk.

Mater lights up and talks and soon after entering his new room, Trevor was pushing all his buttons and figuring out how he worked. When opening the toolchest, Trevor was excited to find jigsaw puzzles.

Jack's Room

02-12-08 15:59
.Jack is 9 years old and loves jungles and animals, so Room for Joy gave him his own jungle room with a Rainforest Cafe flavor! Jack was born with a form of Muscular Dystrophy and is ventilator dependent. Because of his disease, he cannot walk, eat or speak, and has only a little movement in his hands. In spite of the fact that Jack cannot communicate with words, his eyes and smile speak volumes, and his smile when he saw his new room was the only reward the Room for Joy crew needed!

You can visit the blog that Jack's mom keeps about him and their family

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