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2010 fashion show

07-11-10 15:00
Our 2nd Annual Night of 100 Stars fashion show

Cameron's Room

07-03-10 23:44
Cameron loves Superman! He wears Superman t-shirts, has Superman posters and Superman bedding. So, the Room For Joy team flew in for the weekend to transform his room into a sophisticated Superman room. Teen age Cameron has Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes and has had a liver transplant, so his room needed to be a healing retreat. We designed a 3-D cityscape on three of the four walls and reproduced a Superman comic book page on the fourth wall. His custom made bed is created for the man of steel. Look, it's a bird, no, it's a plane, no, it's Cameron!!

Monica Theater

27-10-09 00:00
Monica is a 13 year old who loves the movies! She suffers from a rare, degenerative form of Muscular Dystrophy, but when you meet her, she displays energy and joy. While Monica and her family spent a relaxing weekend away, our team transformed her room into a movie theater! She has a projection tv, theater seating and a director's chair for a desk chair. To complete her movie star room, we gave her a custom bed ensemble! She is ready to have private screenings in her own movie theater and relax in her adjustable bed.

16 year old Monica has an energetic, bright spirit. She doesn't let the fact that she has Ulcerative Colitis and Crohns Disease get her down. When we met with her to talk about her dream room; she was very specific about a pattern and the colors she loves. We took her ideas and created a sophisticated room with a custom duvet cover, custom built bed, bench and night stand. She actually screamed and jumped up and down when she saw her new room! I guess, mission accomplished!

Luz's Room

03-08-09 12:24
Luz loves art! She enjoys doing crafts, has a love of music and dance. Although she suffers from Lupus she has a joyful spirit and her eyes light up when she talks about the arts. As we prepared to design her room we decided to try to create an artists haven. Encompassing music, art and dance into the theme, our carpenters constructed a bed to represent a piano and an art center with a music scale and notes. Our artists painted and decoupaged furniture and her custom built valance was an enormous paint palette and brush! We hope her room will allow her to unleash her creativity!

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