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isaiah's room

26-06-11 16:11
11 year old Isaiah was born with Micrognathia and Dextrocardia. Despite his physical challenges, he is an intelligent, active boy! He loves WWF, so Room For Joycreated a space for him to display his memorabilia as well as a place to just "be a boy". His clubhouse, picnic table and wall mural create the illusion of being in the backyard. He even has a "tree with fireflies" glowing in it and crickets and frogs sound effects! Now, every night he will be camping out in the backyard.


03-04-11 15:56
10 year old Kensi is in the midst of battling cancer, but her unusual maturity and sweet disposition, puts you at ease instantly. Her favorite things and special requests for her room makeover began to seem familiar as we talked. We designed our first ever

Katelyns Room

20-02-11 14:21


18-02-11 09:05
Like his sister, Wes's big, contagious smile draws you in! His diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy doesn't keep him from communicating joy to everyone in his presence. As presented by his Mom, Wes loves the outdoors, swinging in his swing and cartoons, especially Disney "A Bug's Life". Because of his fragile medical condition and his inability to be outdoors for long, he has been unable to enjoy his swing much. So, as we prepared to transform his room into a scene from, "A Bug's Life," we began to brainstorm about how to incorporate his swing into the room. The amazing design team from Southwest Scenic Group designed and built a foam tree, which we added fabric leaves to, and then attached Wes's swing to the beams in the ceiling so it appears his swing is hung from a tree branch. The pure joy on his face, as his brother and Dad put him in his swing, said it all!

Alysounne's Room

12-11-10 17:47
Alysoune loves the color purple. She is also an accomplished soccer player and runner, placing 3rd in Nationals in track. What is most remarkable about that is, she suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. Her determination and positive attitude are truly inspirational! Room For Joy wanted to honor her love of sports, and of course her favorite color purple, so we designed the room with soccer and track silhouettes with a variegated purple stripe on the lower part of the wall. We gave her a custom shelf with soccer balls, and a wire clip wall hangar to display her medals and ribbons. We hope Alysoune knows that Room For Joy will always be cheering her on!

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