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Jette's Room

12-05-13 17:43
11 year old Jette is going through a grueling battle with Ewing's Sarcoma. This past December, he underwent a very invasive surgery to remove a lung and four ribs. However, he is a fighter, and despite his challenges, continues to look to the future with optimism. He is a self-proclaimed gamer and spends a lot of his recovery time online, connecting with people from all over the world through interactive gaming! He loves the feel of the movie Tron and blue is his favorite color. So, our carpenter duo of Greg & Dwight crafted an amazing space age gaming pod, complete with working lights! Mike built a cool floating for which, our In Design ladies contributed custom bedding as well as the cushions for the gaming pod. And, Roger and Ray worked together to create the awesome design on the wall and ceiling. Jette has his very own space space!

Paiges Room

24-02-13 17:47
17 year old Paige, who has Ulcerative Colitis, has endured several surgeries with more to come to manage her illness. But, despite all of that, she has a positive, humble attitude. A real inspiration! She requested a room that was inspired by the Victoria Secret pink striped bag, with accents of black, silver and red. We did our best to give her the room of her dreams with a custom vanity, four poster bed and dressing mirror. And, we created the Victoria Secret pink striped bag on her wall! From custom pillows to her red velvet settee, we hope Paige new room will help her feel like the starlet that she is.

Aiyanas Room

09-12-12 18:23
15 year old Aiyana has struggled for years with what are often debilitating seizures. She has endured multiple surgeries and injuries as a result of her seizure disorder. Her Mom requested a special space for her that would be void of sharp corners, hard surfaces and obstacles that could cause injury. Using her Mom's idea of soft cushions and bright, rainbow like colors, our team worked to create a fun, medically appropriate space. The Aladdin-esk; room design has a Bohemian flair with floor cushions, hanging lights and Aladdin and Jasmine flying through the air on one wall! Aiyana's special hide out was her large walk in closet, which was designed to replicate the inside of Jeannie's bottle from "I Dream Of Jeannie". Remember that show? We hope Aiyana's room will provide and much needed sanctuary for her and some peace of mind to Mom.

Seven year old Daniel has Vacteryl Syndrome, which comes with a multitude of physical challenges, but as soon as you meet him, his happy, bright spirit makes you forget about his illness. He loves Thomas the Tank Engine, and upon returning from his weekend away, was quite surprised to discover he will actually be sleeping in a Thomas train bed! His room was transformed into a train depot and he even has his very own remote control train and train signal. Thanks to Greg, Dwight, Ray, Mike, Roger and Mauriel for helping to create the awesome room for him! And a special thanks to Joe and his awesome team from the Mill Cue Club for sponsoring Daniels room and volunteering over the weekend.

Madisons Room

21-06-12 17:40
11 year old Madison has Wilm's Tumor. She has had a difficult year with surgeries and treatments and according to her parents, the anticipation of her room makeover was a major factor in helping her to get through her recent medical treatments. Her dream was to have a room that was sophisticated and made her feel like a movie star. She is an avid Pinterest surfer, so we had lots of ideas to work with! Her pedestal bed, custom moldings, focal point wall, navy blue/hot pink w/ silver accents color scheme, perfume bottles display and fainting chair were all part of Madisons design! We just put it together for her. Thanks, Madison, for your inspiring design ideas and thanks to Courtney, Greg, Dwight, Ray and Mike for bringing it to life!

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