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Mia's Room

22-02-15 00:00
Seven year old Mia has been through a lot in her short life here on this earth. She has been battling a brain tumor for a couple of years and miraculously, winning the fight! Her physical struggles, however, do not dampen her spirit and she lights up the room with her smile and energetic attitude. She had a difficult decision, trying to decide which Disney Princess was her favorite, so we decided to just incorporate all three into her room makeover. We hope she will enjoy years of fun, imagining herself as the princess, in each of the stories!

Dylan's Room

04-05-14 13:24
Dylan loves being at the beach. Some of his favorite family vacations were spent snorkeling and enjoying the ocean. Over the past several years Dylan has had his life interrupted as he began to deal with a rare neurological disorder called Sydenham Chorea. With weekly treatments and numerous procedures, he has had little time to pursue his love of the ocean so we began creating a tropical oasis for him that he would be able to enjoy every day! With a full size ocean scene mural behind his bed and 3 dimensional palm trees in front, it tricks your mind into thinking you are at the beach. Many custom features were designed just for Dylan, including a hand crafted, hand painted boat oar, a custom Adirondack chair and a special, hand painted ukulele. His entire room is a fitting retreat for a 14 year old boy and we hope he enjoys the peaceful, relaxing retreat!

Emmetts Room

08-12-13 00:00
Four year old Emmett has had a pretty rough journey in his four years of life. When he was a year old he swallowed a small button battery found in his parents DVD remote. It immediately began to do damage to his esophagus and trachea. He has undergone many reconstructive surgeries, a complete replacement of his esophagus, nine months in a Pediatric ICU, chronic lung damage and more! Despite his long difficult battle, he remains a happy, spirited little boy with an infectious smile! He loves the Disney movie Planes so our team set out to bring a little bit of Disney home to him. We built a huge 3-D replica of the front half of Dusty, a 3-D replica of Roper, a life size custom gas pump to hide his medical equipment and much more!! We hope Emmetts new room will keep him "flying high" for years to come.

Check out his website at: to learn more about his story.

Bellas Room

20-10-13 18:35
Four year old Bella is battling ALL, a form of leukemia. Despite her physical challenges, she is a happy, energetic little girl! She loves all of the Disney princesses and asked to have a CASTLE BED in her room. Since she shares the room with her younger sister, Greg and Dwight, our carpenter team constructed and amazing, beautiful castle bunk bed! Roger and Jesse teamed up to add artistic paint embellishments to the castle as well as the ceiling. We painted some of the walls with glitter, filled a wardrobe with dress up costumes and stocked her vanity with pretend makeup. Ray, one of our artists, created 3-D cutouts of some of the Disney characters to bring some added fun to the room. Mike built shelves to showcase each of the eight Disney princesses. Now, Bella and her little sister will be princesses living in their very own kingdom!

Kyles Room

21-07-13 17:29
15 year old Kyle has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and therefore, needed a space that was free from obstacles and allowed for wheelchair access and plenty of storage for medical equipment. He is a huge fan of the television program "Tanked"! Not only is he a fan, but he has become quite educated about sealife and has a list of his favorite salt water fish, including several species of sharks. Together with a team of associates from Ikea, we set out to create a room that would reflect Kyle's interests and wishes. His room was transformed into an "underwater observatory", so he can look out of multiple port holes and view his favorite fish! But, look out.......SHAARRRRKKKK!

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