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Cody is 13 years old, and loves frogs, toads, lizards and all things slithery! He wants to be a herpetologist when he grows up, spending his life studying these creatures. Cody also loves dragons, and hoped that his new room would include a dragon, and be so cool that his brother-in-law would want to hang out there! Room for Joy created a bedroom that included a dragon and a whole lot more so that Cody could feel like he was living in an ancient castle. We predict that his brother-in-law will be spending a lot of time there!

Cody has an autoimmune disease that affects his digestive tract and lungs. He spent over 100 days in the hospital last year, with much of that time in intensive care. Because of his health, Cody is homeschooled, and has a classroom at home set up for his studies. Cody is an excellent student, and is interested in a lot of things, but his favorite subjects are Science and History. He especially enjoys studying ancient Egypt, focusing on King Tutankhaman.

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