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Shauns Room

18-08-15 00:09
Nine year old Shaun is a Lego fanatic! He loves everything Lego and has quite a collection of both created sets as well as tubs of parts and pieces. He is partial to building the smaller, intricate components. Of course, he requested a Lego bed and we were happy to oblige. His room became a Lego themed storage, building workshop. As he continues to struggle with Severe Aplastic Anemia, we hope his new room will help him see the joy in each day and inspire him to dream big.

Nadias Room

18-08-15 00:05
Even though she is only four, and dealing with a congenital heart defect, Nadia is an active, animated little girl. Her bright spirit and happy smile make you forget how sick she is. Her room makeover was created to provide lots of make believe playtime for her, with her bed actually being a playhouse! She can have tea parties, cook in her very own little kitchen and look out the windows of her house to enjoy the many fun, sparkly flowers and butterflies in her very own garden.This amazing room was completely sponsored and designed by the talented owners of "In Design, LLC" in Chandler, AZ, Karen Wyman and Cindy Berry!

Maliks room

18-08-15 00:03

Jayse Room

11-05-15 21:17
Nine year old Jayse is an articulate, intelligent young man. He speaks to people in a mature, polite way that defies his actual age. And, what a delight he is! Dealing with Primary Mitochondrial Disorder hasn't set him back at all, concerning his attitude. Jayse's room wish was to have a Superhero theme with a "fort". He did have difficulty deciding on which Superhero was his favorite, so we made it easy for him by creating a Superhero "trio" design. And, of course, he has his very own hiding space in the loft of the "cityscape" in his room. We hope Jayse has many years of enjoyment in his new room and we think he is the real Superhero!!

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